Perfume★interview with thispenguin

カテゴリー: Perfumeファンにインタビュー

Japanese version:

Name: thispenguin
Age: in late twenties
Gender: Male
From: Montana USA
 Perfume city Forum a-penguin
 twitter @thispenguin
 Facebook Jordon Benson

--- interview start

>> Kahiyu-Kanpai at Belgium Beer Cafe @Shinjuku

yuko: Fist Question. What is your most favorite song?

peng: I still think that "Puppy Love" is my most favorite song. And it's not because of the "call and response", but the sound of the song seems more natural than any other songs that they have.

yuko: Natural?

peng: Except for Tokino Hari which is very basic,less electronic sound than any other songs.

>> Hayasgi-rice was served :->

yuko: Yummy! .... Anyway you said "natural" but I'm not sure what it really means. Are you talking about their voice or sound?

peng: The sound of the instruments. The drums are less electronic and feel more like a real drummer is playing them.

yuko: See!

peng: Feels more like song a from a band.

yuko: Ohhhh! I got a point! That's why this song was performed by the rock band in Okinawa! Do you know that?

peng: Yes.

yuko: It's easy to be translated from the electric one to the acoustic one!


yuko: Second, which is your best stage?

peng: I still like "Disco Disco Disco". Because I had a such amazing seats you know,
and it was just the first experience. And I got to be 3 feets away from A-chan!

yuko: OMG! Maybe she remembers you!

peng: My first trip was definitely just for Perfume. But each trip I make more friends and I think now it's half and half. Half I come to Japan for Perfume and the other half I come here to spend time with you, toshi and koba-atsu san and so many people. I've met hundreds of people over the trips and still make few connections remains and will remain some contact. I like that. Very interesting.

yuko: I'm happy to hear that. Many fantastic communication with Perfume fans... Communication Oh my god!(COLTEMONIKHA)

peng: Oh my god!


pneg: Do you like きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ?

yuko: Yeah!

peng: I think she is interesting. It's not something I listen to a lot, as much as Perfume anyway. But I really enjoy watching her videos.


peng: Yes. Does anyone kno… Tsumeta..Tsu..Tsumo

yuko: "Tsukema Tsukeru"?

peng: Yes!

yuko: -explained the meaning of this title- She is kind of a fashion icon for the younger generation.

peng: She was the first popular in Harajuku and has a fashion blog.

yuko: Yes! She produced her special eyelash brand and she sings about eyelash!

peng: Marketing!


yuko: And next question. At their live, do you dance? do you shout? or do you sing with them? or just listening?

peng: Everything except the last one. It's too hard to... not to move at their live.

yuko: Me too. And what do your family and your friends say about your being fanatic?

peng: My family also thinks that they are pretty cool. Everybody kind of enjoys Perfume, but not as much as I do obviously. Both of my sisters somewhat enjoy Perfume and so does my mother who thinks they are gorgeous. But, some friends think I'm a little kind of crazy... I think once they see the videos, then they understand and they become a little more open about my fanaticism because it's kind of a group thing community of people.They kind of recognize I'm lucky to be included in it.


yuko: When did you know them and how?

peng: Youtube. I was starting to watch more anime and there's always really good songs at the beginning and the end.I just wanted to know what's popular in Japan,so I just Youtubed "Japanese POP music" And I don't remember what was the first song but I just kept on clicking suggested links. And I think the fist song just right before Perfume was capsule "Sugarless Girl" and suggested at the back was "Polyrhythm". I think the song had just come out, still fairly new. No..I mean, it was "Chocolate Disco" that was the first song I heard. And then I started to watch all the videos of them. They are just so different, catchy, happy, and the girls were so cute!

yuko: What animation were you interested in at that time.

peng: I was watching "Full Metal Alchemist"(鋼の錬金術師), "Death Note", and "Soul Eater". Those 3 were my most favorite at that time. The beginning of "Full Metal Alchemist" was really nice, OK this is really good I want to find out what else...

yuko: I know some foreigners who like Japanese animation and Japanese culture. But is it really popular? Or does everybody know them in US?

peng: It's becoming more and more popular in US. But some people sill don't have any interest on them. There is a mindset in America that they are for kids. But it's becoming more and more popular definitely.


yuko: What kind of music do you like? Except Perfume?

peng: I like a lot of stuff. I listen to Brazilian Jazz, that's one of my favorite style. Artist like "Chico Buarque" and "Joao Gilberto". More modern music though, Owl City, I Hate This Place, and Lights, who one girl from Canada. More acoustic one is "Bon Iver". I don't know he is popular in Japan though. And I still listen to lot of capsule, Nakata Yasutaka.


yuko: Why do you like Perfume. What drives you from Montana to Tokyo, I mean Saitama this time?

peng: I think that they have a real passion for their dream. I think it comes across very clearly just watching them perform. Even in interviews you can always feel that they really appreciate that they have this opportunity. I think it's their passion… they really enjoy what they are doing. And very genuine.. they don't seem to have big egos.

yuko: They always thanks to everyone including you and me and all the Perfume fans and staffs, team Perfume, everyone..

yuko: What else?

peng: They are cute..

yuko: hahahaha

peng: And they are all different looking. Each of them has their styles. I think personally, large idole group members are pretty much very similar.

yuko: We cannot discern who is who.

peng: It becomes harder. But they are all different it's not even their hair style nor costume. But you can easily and clearly discern even though they are in the exactly same costume. That's interesting to me. I think they stand out a little more.


yuko: Why do you like A-chan so much?

peng: It's her personality, She is gorgeous but I'm not talking about her looks… My interest in women is generally their personality. She looks like somebody you can be lazy with for a day or have fun, or you can go out on the town for fun with.

   And her impressions of people, when she does like an American...Have you ever seen like, she does her impression of, like an American man? She makes her voice deep and acts like a typical American man with silly voices, characters kind of she is just silly in a good way. She is very goofy and adorable.

- He was talking about her "憑依芸" and he thinks that it makes her more charming. But I just couldn't understand it during the interview. Yes, I remember she did her impression of John Lasseter, the Director of Cars 2, mimic his way of saying and gestures, at the interview.-

peng: We talked about that on Perfume City. In a nice way, in fun, she's making fun of them. She is an angel!

yuko: A-chan wa tenshi.

peng: A-chan wa oreno yome.

yuko: OMG you are crazy....


yuko: What do you want them to do in the future?

peng: I hope they stay together for a long time as a group. I also think that they may do their own thing. Like A-chan could have her own album in near future, and Kashiyuka may be a hostess or personality of the TV show. Even if they broke up, they would still enjoy each one's own career. But I hope they would stay together for a long time.

yuko: Yeah...That's the wish of all Perfume fans.I want them to make their career if they want, but I hope, they would stay together even in their 30s and 40s.


yuko: Do you know that A-chan wants to go overseas.

peng: Yeah, I've heard that.

yuko: What do you think of it. Do you think they will get succeeded?

peng: Many people on the Perfume City Forums say like "Oh! I think it's great they came to America. But we had a discussion that.. Perfume is very attached to, the idea of Perfume, I don't know but it's very Japanese.

If they went to America, went to LA and did a concert, I think they would do OK in selling tickets. Even the people who may not have heard of them. But, I think then.. since.. when you go to their live, you do the performance here, doing the call and answer parts, and everybody knows so much about Perfume already, know the older songs that they would perform so...

I think for Perfume to have a success in America, they have to kind of have to restructure their formula. It wouldn't be drastic, but would have to be different.

Because I think the American audience in general is just different than the Japanese are. Not just for Perfume but for music. I would love them to become successful in America but I also worry about it. Because I think that maybe it's not good… If they went there, did something and it wasn't so great.. it might discourage you and especially core American fans like me who really love them...that would make me feel bad.

I don't want them to change their style. But if they want to get success in the US they have to change it. But, it's not what we really want.

yuko: Yeah..

peng: I think it's very difficult. But, if they could do in the right way they would do OK. Because I think the reason why I first liked them is that they're personable people.
Friendly, nice. They don't seem toffee-nosed, they are grounded. I think that would benefit them.

They have to be proud of them like in a bad way like celebrities. In US, like cult, people worship celebrities.
I don't like it. I think Perfume almost have to act in that way,,, and that would be fake. I would want them...I would love to be able to see them in America their Perform in America but..They would.. I don't know..

yuko: Ops.. It's time to go to Saitama Super Arena.


peng: Can I share?

yuko: Share? Yes go ahead.

peng: I only have 1 dream that concerns Perfume and myself. I'd like to meet them but,,, I would like to play newer songs (like the ones I've covered) acoustically with them on Perfume rocks, because they have sung "Inryoku" & "Computer City" acoustically in the past sometime around '07-'08 on a radio show. Since they had done it in the past, and it's been so long, maybe it's time they did a couple of their newer songs on radio acoustically! With me!! thispenguin!!!

yuko: You play the guitar and they, Perfume, sing together with it? Sugoi--------! I'm sure your passion, your true love for Perfume will make your dream come true!

--- the end of the interview

How can he make his dream come true???
Please feel free to leave your comments!
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[ 編集 ] 2012/03/05(月) 14:06:30

Umm....I'm confused to think what is succeed.

Is USA the only foreign contry? No.

In Brazil, "#Perfume_um" won the 1st rank of the twitter trends.

There're many choices.

本文が英数字のみの場合は書き込めないみたいです < 管理人様


[ 編集 ] 2012/03/06(火) 23:47:26

Twitterで相当ペンギンとお話ししてるみたいでww でもこっちにも返信するように声掛けてみますね~。


[ 編集 ] 2012/03/06(火) 23:54:48

You might understand Perfume the best in the world although you cannot understand Japanese!
thispenguin, you are awesome!
Everyone’s dream is Perfume’s dream.
If you don’t give up, your dream will surly come true!

English translation by Yuko.


[ 編集 ] 2012/03/07(水) 00:45:22

You are a great guitarist!
And I am touched by your true love for Perfume!
How wonderful it is to know such a fanatic Perfume fan oversea! ]

English translation by Yuko.


[ 編集 ] 2012/03/08(木) 12:08:19

Timely and so interesting!

To be honest, I was beginning to think that you were just a “DD”… but you are not!

Your interview reminds me of someone, who don’t know Perfume well, was moved by their video “Polyrhythm”which was performed at Liquid room.(A-chan,, oops! Aa-chan was moved to tears at a big audience while prforming this song.) I always wonder why it comes across to everyone’s heart by just watching their movies. And I am deeply moved by this magical power all the time.

I think the same way as you do, their style may not fit to be in
US, but on the other hand, they might change the world music scene as they changed the Japanese one.

English translation by Yuko.


[ 編集 ] 2012/03/08(木) 12:14:47

Well understood your concern. It happens a lot to change one’s style for overseas and only ended in a failure...

And everyone tend to get it wrong but the world is not only US.